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Repaired Ultrasound Probes Should Be Held to the Same Standards as New Ones

The term “refurbished” comes with no shortage of negative connotations. It’s attached to phrases like “good as new,” which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence — especially if you’re in the market for ultrasound probes. That’s why Acertara goes above and beyond to provide our customers with instrumentation that’s quantifiably proven to meet (or exceed) OEM specifications.

We don’t refurbish: We completely restore. That’s a very high standard, but we believe it’s the correct one.

Setting benchmarks for healthcare

When it comes to medical equipment, nothing is left to chance. Every device, including ultrasound probes, must meet rigorous standards to ensure they work correctly and safely. These benchmarks for healthcare aren’t just arbitrary rules; they’re carefully thought-out guidelines established to protect patients and help clinicians make accurate diagnoses.

Regulatory bodies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European CE system set the standards for medical equipment, and they have strict rules intended to assure clinicians these products are safe and effective for patient care. For Acertara, these guidelines are just the starting point for ensuring medical device excellence in the field.

In fact, when original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) don’t provide specifications, Acertara takes the lead. By using our engineering and ultrasound physics lab to test how well repaired ultrasound probes perform, we’re able to meet OEM standards. This process aligns with the FDA’s guidelines and ensures every repaired ultrasound probe meets the “substantial equivalence” standard — meaning they function exactly as a new ultrasound probe would.

Our R&D team members hold over 40 patents related to ultrasound image processing, ultrasound probe testing, repair, and calibration. Our emphasis on acoustic excellence is central to our reputation, and our patents are proof of our continuous drive for excellence.

The benefits of “like new” equipment

While brand-new ultrasound probes are often assumed to be the gold standard, “like new” repaired probes may be a wiser investment. Repaired to a superior standard, refurbished equipment brings a host of benefits to the table. Here’s why choosing repaired ultrasound probes by Acertara is often the better option:

  • Cost-effectiveness. Repairing and restoring ultrasound probes can significantly reduce expenses. Medical facilities can save a substantial amount by opting for probes repaired to OEM specifications, freeing up resources for other critical investments.
  • Eco-friendly choice. By repairing ultrasound probes, we revitalize them and reduce electronic waste. That’s a significant step towards sustainability, minimizing the environmental footprint of healthcare providers.
  • Assured reliability. Acertara’s restored probes undergo rigorous testing and calibration to make sure they function perfectly. This reliability means consistent performance, which is crucial to diagnosticians.
  • Quick turnaround. Time is of the essence in healthcare. Opting for repaired probes often means faster service and less downtime so essential diagnostic tools are available when patients need them most.
  • Patient and clinician benefit. High-quality, reliable probes are paramount in providing better healthcare. Accurate diagnostics, enhanced image clarity, and reliable performance ensure patient safety and enable healthcare professionals’ informed decisions.
  • Support for innovation. The process of repairing probes often involves innovative solutions to enhance their functionality and longevity. This continuous improvement propels the technology used in patient care.

Choosing repaired over new doesn’t mean compromising on quality. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. When probes are restored to meet or exceed original specifications, everyone benefits — from the medical facility right down to the patient receiving care.

The need for stringent standards

When it comes to medical diagnostics, precision is nonnegotiable. If probes don’t function as expected or to the caliber they’re designed to, the consequences can be dire: misdiagnoses, inappropriate treatments, or missed conditions. This is why repaired ultrasound probes must adhere to the same stringent standards as new ultrasound probes. It’s not merely a matter of meeting legal requirements; it’s about ensuring patient safety and maintaining the trust individuals place in healthcare systems.

Stringent standards serve as a safeguard. They compel repair companies to elevate their methodologies to ensure every probe, component, and pixel operates flawlessly. This meticulous attention to detail eliminates variability and creates a consistent, reliable tool for clinicians. When healthcare providers know the probes they use are held to the highest standards — and, at Acertara, beyond the highest standards — they can focus on what’s most important: diagnosing accurately and providing the best possible patient care.

In a field where certainty and precision are paramount, standardized repaired probes aren’t just beneficial; they’re essential.

Nothing less than excellence

Ultrasound probes are on the front lines of healthcare. Clinicians and patients can’t settle for anything less than excellence when it comes to image quality, device reliability, and acoustic performance. When the probe they’re holding was repaired, tested, and calibrated by the team at Acertara, they won’t have to. We hold every probe we repair to the same standard as brand-new equipment, because in the end, the mission is the same: to ensure the absolute best patient experience.

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