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Acertara ultrasound probe repairs and the materials used in the repair process are validated against all published OEM specifications.

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Probe Repairs

Since introducing contemporary ultrasound probe repair to the hospital market over 25 years ago, we’ve repaired more than 120,000 probes of all makes, models, and complexity. Now the world’s largest probe repair facility, we also perform depot-level repairs for some of the biggest ultrasound OEMs.

Fast and Accurate

With our patented Atlas™ testing device, we quickly diagnose probe failure down to component level. Next we use validated materials and components in our ISO13485:2016 repair process. For final testing, we use Atlas™, our AmpSafe™ electrical leakage tester, and our Advantage™ tissue mimicking phantom.

Preventative Maintenance

We thoroughly inspect probes not only for acute failures but also potential ones. We then recommend to the customer that these issues be addressed during the repair process to mitigate future probe failures.

In the absence of published OEM specifications, Acertara’s engineering and ultrasound physics lab measures and tests essential performance parameters and validates both the ultrasound probe repair process and materials used to ensure substantial equivalence as defined by the FDA’s 2019 510(k) Ultrasound Guidance Document, Sections,,, and Appendix C.

Wayne Moore, B.Sc., MBA, FASE, FAIUM
CEO – Acertara Acoustic Laboratories

Multiple OEM Certified

Industry Highest Probe Repair Rate

Cloud-Based Documentation

13485:2016 Certified

Years in Business, Sonora + Acertara

Probes Repaired

TEE Repairs

Common repairs available on TEEs

  • Tip replacements
  • Articulation cable replacement
  • Failed calibration repairs
  • Complex electronics
  • Insertion tube restoration

General and Endocavity Probe Repairs

Common repairs available on G&E ultrasound probes

  • Ultrasound lens replacement
  • Housing replacement/reseal
  • Strain relief
  • Cable
  • Connector housings
  • Array replacements
  • Cable retermination
Ultrasound Probe Repair
Ultrasound Probe Repair

Atlas™ Flex Test System

Fast | Accurate | Optimized

  • Five-axis automated positioning system
  • Single click alignment & test
  • Less than 1 minute for accurate & repeatable test results
  • Works with a wide range of flat & curved array probes

APT Products & Testing Services

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited Testing & Calibration Services

  • Full suite of APT products
  • Participated in the clearance of hundreds of medical devices
Ultrasound Probe Repair

Probe Standards

All repair entities of ultrasound probes should be held to the same regulatory and compliance standards as applied to the original equipment.

This means that 3rd party transducer repair facilities should be held to the same regulatory and compliance standards as OEMs. Repair processes, materials used, and components such as acoustic arrays should be tested and validated to demonstrate substantial equivalence to the OEM probe. This testing should be documented and provided to the clinic upon return of the “repaired” probe.

If a “repaired” probe does not meet the imaging standards of the original OEM probe, then the probe should be regarded as not repaired. Paying for a repair that was not properly done only lowers the quality of the medical care while raising the cost.

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