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Who we are:

Acertara’s core mission is to develop and apply advanced technological solutions to enhance the performance and sustain the effective life-cycle of medical imaging and therapeutic devices ensuring the best possible patient outcome in a cost-effective and timely manner.

What we offer:

At Acertara, we are focused on advancing both the science and application of diagnostic ultrasound. From our unique and patented ultrasound probe testing devices, our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited FDA and IEC acoustic power testing services and materials analysis, to our ISO13485:2016 certified ultrasound probe repair laboratory, we ensure the proper operation and safety of probes in clinical use. Acertara is advancing the Sonora Medical Systems legacy of extending the reach of probe repair into the most complex and expensive probes on the market – all with the goal of simultaneously reducing the costs associated with maintaining these devices, while ensuring both patient and user safety, and the clinical integrity of the ultrasound examination.


Acertara’s services include testing, repair and consulting services as well as FDA 510(k) submission services.


Acertara provides unique contract engineering services focused on the basic science and development of ultrasound medical imaging and related devices.

Probe Repair

The Acertara team developed the modern probe repair technique in 1997. Since that time we have repaired over 100,000 probes.

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