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From Lab to Clinic: Breakthroughs in Acertara’s Contract Engineering for Ultrasound Systems

Renowned for our cutting-edge research and development in ultrasound technology, Acertara has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound applications with our ultrasound engineering and design. At the core of our achievements are innovative technologies that not only enhance diagnostic accuracy but also significantly improve patient care.

To bring even better diagnostic solutions to more patients and providers, Acertara also specializes in contract engineering for ultrasound systems. Through specialized research and development (R&D), our ultrasound design team is shaping the future of ultrasound innovation in a way that has a profound impact on the medical technology landscape and patient treatment methodologies.

R&D generates groundbreaking ultrasound innovations

Acertara’s success in ultrasound technology stems primarily from our extensive initiatives in research and development. We’re proud to say our R&D achievements are marked by ingenuity and a deep understanding of acoustic science.

At the heart of our company is a dedicated R&D team that’s been instrumental in the cooperative creation and commercialization of more than 20 advanced ultrasound systems. These systems aren’t just technologically intensive; they’re also diverse, ranging from the first probes with integrated gyroscopic accelerometers to intraluminal ultrasound-tipped catheters (IVUS). These ultrasound, traducer, and probe system design innovations highlight our teams’ engineering prowess and signify major leaps in the domain of ultrasound technology.

Our R&D efforts have also pioneered technologies that have profound implications for clinical applications. For instance, our work in using ultrasound to create temporary windows in the blood-brain barrier represents a revolutionary approach to therapeutic agent delivery. This cutting-edge research — combined with the creation of disruptive products like our ATLAS probe-testing device — underscores new standards for ultrasound excellence.

Innovation means better patient care and diagnostics

While we’re certainly proud of our technical achievements with our ultrasound engineering and design, we’re in the business of producing tangible improvements to procedural workflows that translate to better patient care and diagnostic efficiency.

Our AmpSafe device is a perfect example: It’s a cloud-based, microprocessor-centric leakage-testing tool for ultrasound transducers. This device streamlines the maintenance of ultrasound equipment while ensuring compliance with strict regulatory standards, enhancing the safety and reliability of diagnostic procedures. Advancements like AmpSafe have a direct impact on healthcare facilities, enabling them to save time and resources while maintaining high standards of patient care.

Our ATLAS system is another example. This portable, high-precision array-testing device for ultrasound probes compacts the technological power of a full equipment room into a single user-friendly tool. Innovations like ATLAS aid in quick diagnosis and ensure the optimal functioning of ultrasound equipment, which is crucial in providing accurate and timely medical care.

Our ultrasound engineering solutions continue to be on the leading edge of ultrasound innovation. And we’ll continue to measure that success by how it benefits patients and clinicians.

Acertara’s contract engineering is leading ultrasound innovation

Our role in ultrasound design and innovation spans a comprehensive gamut of contract engineering services: from reverse engineering and product profiling to the development of sophisticated algorithms and precision low-volume manufacturing. This diversity highlights our multifaceted expertise and demonstrates our ability to cater to specific and complex needs within the ultrasound technology sector.

Particularly notable is our work developing custom ultrasound probe designs and systems for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), showcasing our capacity to handle highly specialized and technically demanding projects.

The depth of Acertara’s expertise in contract engineering is further exemplified by our contributions to novel and disruptive technologies. Our ultrasound engineering team is responsible for more than 40 U.S. patents in ultrasound device engineering; we’ve been at the forefront of designing and creating products that have gained widespread adoption across various sectors, including manufacturing, regulatory, repair, and research facilities.

Engineering the future of ultrasound technology

Acertara’s approach to ultrasound design and technology epitomizes a blend of innovation, expertise, and a deep commitment to improving patient care. Our advancements in medical imaging and diagnostic tools have set new standards in the healthcare industry and opened doors to more effective patient treatment options. As we continue to pioneer research and development and specialized ultrasound contract engineering services, we’re eager to make even more contributions that revolutionize medical diagnostics.

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