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When to Buy an Ultrasound: Growing Trends for 2018

buy an ultrasoundYou can buy an ultrasound machine between $20,000 and $75,000. Some are as expensive as $200,000. Cheaper options are also available.

Ultrasound scanning is a household phenomenon in most parts of the world. It’s gained worldwide recognition within the past four decades. This became possible because Ian Donald discovered its diagnostic relevance.

The ultrasound has numerous uses. These include

  • checking the fetal heartbeat in pregnancy
  • assessing a child’s sex
  • monitoring for internal blood loss
  • detecting an abnormal enlargement
  • detecting cancer of the liver

You can use the ultrasound on any part of the body. Accurate diagnosis with an ultrasound can be the difference between life and death.

Thus, the ultrasound should be a cost-effective means of diagnosis.

Choosing the Right Ultrasound Machine

But by what yardstick do we measure the prices of ultrasound machines?

Can we get one that costs a lot less than the regular over $50,000 device, but still as useful as conventional devices?

Portable ultrasound devices can pick up internal bleeding. This is helpful to determine how serious the condition is. Should the patient go to the trauma center or a local hospital?

What influences the price of such a machine? Technological processes? Budget?

Read on to discover most significant tech trends in 2018 to help you buy an ultrasound at a lower price.

Critical Influencers of the Choice to Buy an Ultrasound Device in 2018

Digital technology drives healthcare today.

Your choice of an ultrasound should then be in sync with digitally-suave options. Going digital shouldn’t mean that you should burst your budget either.

Portable ultrasound machines can be as cheap as $2,000. This price is a massive leap from the average rates of $20,000 to $75,000 or more.

Below are different types of portable ultrasound machines you can buy in 2018:

1. High-End Portable Devices

This machine produces a high-end ultrasound machine with the best image quality and features. You need the skill to put these elements together in a portable device. Its extent of portability is such that you can carry it by hand.

Thus, the high-end portable devices are more expensive than other devices that are equally portable.

What Should You Expect from a High-End Portable Ultrasound Machine?

  • Excellent 2D & Doppler image quality
  • System architecture which is up-to-date
  • Larger selection of transducers
  • Perfect size for the operating room
  • Small examination rooms because of its compact size
  • Has image optimization
  • Auto measurement features,
  • Saves time and reduces fatigue.
  • About 15? LCD monitor
  • All cardiac modes are present

2. Mid-Range Portable Devices

The diagnostic ultrasound has gained popularity. Its sales have also expanded worldwide. Mid-range portable devices are the best option because several doctors can share a single unit in different rooms.

The mid-range ultrasound machine places a strong emphasis on image quality and workflow efficiencies. This device focuses on making quick diagnoses for routine scans.

What Should You Expect from a Mid-Range Portable Ultrasound Machine?

  • 2D, Doppler of 4D image quality in the range of good to excellent
  • Lighter units that have more extended lasting batteries
  • Modern system architecture
  • Very few transducers with single crystal options
  • With its compact size, it is perfect for small examination rooms or operating rooms
  • With image optimization and auto measurement features
  • It saves time & reduces rate of fatigue
  • 15? LCD monitor
  • Increased image quality by speckle reduction and image compounding features
  • Has a single probe port

3. Economy Portable Ultrasound Devices

These devices are in high demand in regions of limited funds. Medical professionals that perform ultrasound scans once in a while don’t need something too expensive. Doctors that shuttle between many facilities would find this device preferable.

These devices have limited features. For example, their image quality is lower than others. However, the images are not so bad that you can’t use them. This device has a reasonable price point.

In short, they are the most economically viable options.

What Should You Expect from an Economy Portable Ultrasound Machine?

  • 2D and Doppler image quality is acceptable
  • Units are lighter and have long-lasting batteries
  • Hardware can either be older versions or limited
  • Moderate selection of transducers
  • It’s perfect for the operating room or small examination rooms because of its compact size
  • Has limited image optimization and auto measurement features
  • LCD monitor is 15 inches or smaller
  • Has a single probe port

4. Handheld Portable Ultrasound Machines

Some years ago, you could not buy an ultrasound in this category because it was non-existent. As soon as General Electric, GE introduced its version into the market; other brands followed suit. It is a tablet-sized ultrasound machine.

The primary function of these devices is to provide necessary, quick scans. They rarely serve as the only device used in making a diagnosis. This is because their functions are more limited than the others

What Should You Expect from a Handheld Ultrasound Machine?

  • Screen size is 10 inches or smaller
  • Image quality might be acceptable
  • Doppler might be unavailable or very limited
  • Is lightweight
  • Space constraints limit the hardware
  • Available transducers are very limited
  • Very portable
  • Has limited connectivity to export images
  • Has limited applications
So you want a handheld ultrasound machine with a screen size of 10 inches or less, acceptable image quality, and no doppler. You want it a device that’s lightweight, compact, and easily movable.

Now That You Know the Cost-Effective Ultrasound Machine to Buy

This article has shown you how to buy an ultrasound machine at a lower price. It has also demonstrated the broad classes of options available.

In November 2016, Portable ultrasound systems were declared as part of the top ten most frequently purchased capital items by hospitals. This goes a long way to emphasize their usefulness.

With the application of advanced technological solutions, we can solve complex medical problems.

An acoustic laboratory in the United States has gotten over 45 United States and International Patents for the production of 3D Ultrasound products and other devices. They have also obtained a patent to test ultrasound probes.

Evaluate your ultrasound system as often as possible. Test the electrical safety of your ultrasound device to avoid electrocution. If you need probe repair services, such as lens replacement, tip replacement or failed calibration repairs, get it from a trusted probe repair service provider.

You can contact to have all your questions on the diagnostic ultrasound answered.

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