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What Acertara’s More Than 40 Patents Mean to Clinicians and Patients

Patents are the mark of an innovator. Many of the largest companies in the world have established the foundation of their success on hundreds (if not thousands) of patents on everything from emerging and disruptive technologies to industry best practices. Apple has 95,500 patents globally. 3M holds 118,000 patents worldwide. Ford Motor Co. has applied for 79,017 patents and currently holds 42,657 in total.

To apply for and receive a patent proves you’ve designed, tested, and brought to market something game-changing.

At Acertara, our R&D team members are extremely proud to hold more than 40 patents related to ultrasound image processing, ultrasound probe testing, repair, and calibration. Our emphasis on acoustic excellence is central to our reputation, and our patents are proof of our continuous drive for excellence.

Patents as proof points

A patent is much more than a legal document; it’s a testament to innovation and dedication. It grants inventors exclusive rights to their creations, protecting their intellectual property from unauthorized use or replication.

To secure a patent, an inventor must demonstrate that their invention is novel, nonobvious, and useful — in other words, unique and authentic. The process involves thorough examination by patent offices, and their meticulous vetting can make it challenging to secure a patent, but the vetting ensures patents are reserved for groundbreaking ideas that push the boundaries of technology.

Acquiring a patent in the highly regulated healthcare industry is even more difficult — every aspect of the device’s design impacts human health — but it showcases a company’s ability to design, test, and execute on game-changing solutions that revolutionize how healthcare is practiced.

Acertara’s breadth of patents

Acertara is proud to be a pioneering force in the medical technology sector, specifically regarding advancements in ultrasound probe testing, repair, and calibration. Our dedication to acoustic excellence sets us apart as a leading innovator in the industry.

Over the years, we’ve garnered a reputation for our unwavering commitment to advancing ultrasound-related technologies. This commitment is reflected in our impressive portfolio of more than 40 patents, which encompass a wide range of cutting-edge solutions designed to enhance the accuracy and reliability of ultrasound devices. Some of these patents include:

  • Piezoelectric pressure wave analysis (#10760949)
  • Testing of ultrasonic imaging systems (#9513327)
  • Testing of acoustic imaging systems or probes (#8893541)
  • Device for testing diagnostic ultrasound probes (#9983175)
  • Transportation container for ultrasound transducer (#10470834)

These patents (and the dozens of others) represent not just intellectual property, but also tangible evidence of our R&D expertise and innovation. Through our patented methods and technologies, Acertara has made significant strides in improving the performance and lifespan of ultrasound probes, ultimately benefiting both clinicians and patients.

Patents make perfect

Acertara’s patented devices and methods have a profound impact on the medical community. By living up to those standards, we’re consistently ensuring only high-quality ultrasound devices make their way into the market when they pass through our hands. Clinicians can trust that a device serviced through Acertara’s patented methods has undergone rigorous testing and calibration, assuring them of accurate and reliable results.

In the end, patients are the ultimate beneficiaries of our patented approaches. Through enhanced diagnostic accuracy and reliability, these modes and methods contribute to better patient outcomes. Patients can have confidence that their medical diagnoses and treatments are based on precise and dependable ultrasound technology. This not only improves the quality of care; it reduces the potential for misdiagnoses and unnecessary medical procedures, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective healthcare system.

Acertara’s commitment to patenting innovative solutions in ultrasound probe testing, repair, and calibration directly translates into a superior patient experience. And we’re not done. We’ll continue to innovate and patent those discoveries, because we know how important it is to drive best practices forward. Thanks to our patents, we’re not just meeting the highest standards of quality for medical devices — we’re setting those standards.

Quality stems from innovation

At Acertara, we don’t just see our patents as a mark of excellence: We see them for their potential to elevate patient care. By subjecting every probe we touch to patented and proven testing, repair, and calibration methods, we’re putting instruments into the field that work as intended to the highest levels. The result is instrumentation that’s more effectual and reliable for scans and diagnoses — and a patient experience that’s immeasurably better.

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