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Acertara Summer Software Intern Program Summary 2019

Acertara is participating in the State of Colorado’s Innovative Industries Internship Program, providing internship opportunities for two software interns this year and we are thrilled to have Ben Gillett and Alice Lundberg join our team for the summer. Ben just completed his sophomore year at Colorado State University where he is earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Alice will be in her senior year at Colorado State University where she is earning her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with minors in Mathematics and Physics. The internships will provide Ben and Alice with opportunities to work on a variety of projects and software-related technologies where they will be exposed to cross-functional and software-centric teams. At the same time, Acertara will be gaining valuable progress on projects that will improve the company’s capabilities for processing ultrasound probe repairs.

Acertara is pushing the development of Web-enabled automated tools and machines to improve the speed and accuracy of ultrasound probe repair processes. As one example, we are developing an automated camera-based inspection chamber to accelerate the process of incoming visual inspection and to automatically identify defects on incoming probes. Ben’s work on the automated inspection chamber will improve image acquisition quality and it will expose him to device-level software, image processing algorithms, and user interface work that will streamline the inspection workflow for repair technicians. In addition to the image acquisition software, Ben will have an opportunity to delve into resident and Cloud-based machine learning and optical character recognition (OCR) tools as we work to extract textual data that is imprinted on ultrasound probes.

In addition to automated tools, a significant portion of the intern effort will involve “AEM” which is the company’s internal enterprise resource planning platform. AEM is built upon Web software technologies using Python, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS, and it involves software work with user interfaces, business logic, database integration, and interfaces to third-party Web services. Alice’s work with AEM will provide her the experience of working within the scope of a pre-existing software project to implement improvements that will automate the creation of probe inspection records stored in AEM. Additionally, she will work with a third-party Web service from FedEx to reduce the number of manual transactions for users while they navigate shipment data within AEM.

As they work on these projects and technologies, Ben and Alice will be an integral part of our software team and will experience daily team meetings, strategic planning sessions, and work within a team environment that applies Agile software development practices. In the end, they will gain work experience in a business and service-oriented environment and Acertara will benefit from an increase in the automation footprint in our probe repair infrastructure.

Robert Brown, Lead Software Engineer


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