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Why Quality Transducer Repair is Vital for Your Lab

transducer repairIs your ultrasound transducer in need of repair? You want to offer your patients the most quality ultrasound, but you’re not sure how to conduct your repairs on your transducer.

Is this repair something you can do yourself? Or should you hire the assistance of a professional?

The best practice is calling a professional. They can diagnose and repair all transducer issues. If repairs won’t fix the issue, they will guide you to getting a replacement transducer.

But what will you do while they’re repairing your transducer? Will the replacement transducer work as well as your previous one?

Read on and find out why transducer repair is the right move for your lab.

Fast Repair

One of the worst things that can happen to your hospital or lab is if the ultrasound transducer breaks down. More than likely, the transducer broke down during an ultrasound. And you have more scheduled after that.

One of the many benefits of an ultrasound transducer repair specialist is the fast turn around for repairs. Some specialists may have the repair finished in as little as 24 hours after you pay your quote.

It may be a last-minute investment you weren’t prepared for, but it’ll be worth it.

It Will be a Quality Repair

Repairing an ultrasound system is tough. It requires certain parts, and using quality parts will increase the performance and longevity of your ultrasound system.

If you try repairing your transducer yourself, you may be sacrificing quality for the price.

You’re not paying for the cost of labor and you’re probably settling for cheap parts. These parts may be so low quality, meaning they have never been tested and can even be defective when you purchase them.

If you take this route, you can be looking at more transducer failures. When you invest in transducer repair, you’ll be receiving a quality transducer.

The Technicians Have Experience

It’s tough to figure out the expertise of transducer repair technicians. When you’re caught with last minute transducer issues, it’s a stressful situation.

Fortunately, transducer repair technicians receive experience in repairing a large variety of transducers. This includes particular brands and models. They can quickly identify the parts you need and will be able to install them.

However, it can be rare to find a technician experienced with older transducer models. If your transducer is a legacy model, make sure the technician can repair it.

You Get More for Your Money

You may be turned off by the costs of transducer repair. Repairing a transducer isn’t cheap. But it’s more cost-worthy than buying a new transducer.

Usually, the repair requires replacement of parts. These are replaced by a specialist. You’re usually paying for those parts and for the labor.

This is a great price to pay when you’re guaranteed to have a working transducer for many years.

Some technicians will even let you hold off extensive and costly repairs if you decide to use a simple repair. You can always schedule the extensive repairs in advanced or just hold off when your ultrasound malfunctions.

If you do need a replacement transducer, a repair technician can find you a great one for a cheaper price or they can even give you a discount.

Transducer Repair Technicians Come in Handy When Your Warranty Expires

When you purchased your transducer, you probably thought your warranty will come in handy. If something goes wrong with your transducer, fine, You can order a new one at no extra cost.

However, warranties usually only last a few years. By the time your transducer fails, your warranty will expire.

A repair technician will be able to fix your transducer after your warranty expires. Some technicians even offer a money-back guarantee if your transducer is still broken and ongoing assistance.

You Can Get a Rental Transducer

A great benefit of transducer repair is you get a rental transducer while your transducer is being repaired. Technicians usually have a variety of rentals that correspond to ultrasound makes and models.

Rental transducers are convenient if the repair is extensive or if the technician needs to study the transducer.

These rental transducers are usually provided for free, for a very small price, or are included in your quote.

They Can Help You Find a Replacement Transducer

Let’s say worst case scenario happens: the technician tried all they could, but there’s no way your transducer is being repaired. You have to get a replacement.

Fortunately, going through a repair company may bring you more satisfaction when finding a replacement transducer.

Some of these repair companies have their own inventory and can offer you a discount. Others may be able to refer you to a retailer where you’ll receive a discount.

They Can Teach Transducer Best Practices

You get daily use out of your transducer and other components of your ultrasound system. It’s important you receive education on the system so you can quickly identify any errors.

When repair or replacement is finished, your technician will be able to teach upkeep and maintenance. You two can put together a management plan for daily, weekly, or monthly upkeep practices.

This way, you’ll be able to understand your transducer and you can know if there are any issues you’re facing.

This education will help improve patient care, avoid costly replacements and repairs, and will be able to better prepare you if you need a repair.

Time to Fix Your Transducer

It’s important your transducer is in proper working order for your patients and your customers. Ultrasounds are becoming more common in the health and medical field.

Since we’re relying on this technology, more options are available when your ultrasound stops working.

When you invest in transducer repair, you’ll receive a transducer that will work for years.

The repairs have a quick turnaround, and if the repair takes longer you can receive a rental. If a technician recommends a replacement transducer, you can have a variety of options to save you time and money.

If your transducer needs repairing, get a quote from us now.

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