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Relax, it’s Christmas

Wayne Moore



Throughout the hustle and bustle of the calendar year and all the things that seem so important that we must get done, both at work and at home, and all the things we stress over that really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, comes something that does matter – Christmas. It is a time to reflect on what does really matter; a baby born in Bethlehem who became the Savior of man and the light of the world. I have learned over the years how not to let the stress I have felt all year about lesser things contaminate the Christmas season. If Christmas were a physiological metaphor, it would be a long deep breath of pure air. A time to see and feel the higher things in life – faith, family, and friends. I am glad that the mayhem of COVID is over, and I am sure glad that the elections are over. For the next few weeks, I will breathe deeply, enjoy the occasional snow day, put up the Christmas tree and lights, hug my family extra tight, and thank the Lord for His gifts.

To all the readers of this note – slow down and take that long deep breath of pure air.

Merry Christmas,

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November 28, 2022 Newsletter