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Reflecting on My First Month at Acertara

Mark V. Kingsley

When I first came through Acertara’s doors, all I knew was that the company had something to do with ultrasound technology repair. While I enjoyed the few physics classes I took in high school and college, I was not overly familiar with the science of ultrasound. My only real association with it was the image of my not-yet-born younger brother my mom came home with over a decade ago; however, the first week of training blew my mind with how far the technology has progressed and its future possibilities. As a student in the humanities, my focus in college was on writing academic papers in literature and philosophy with a concentration in creative writing. Because of my liberal arts background, I have an even greater appreciation for both the humanities and the sciences than I did when I was younger.

In my first month here at Acertara, I felt I discovered a place where these two interests intersect. My position as Customer Service Representative entails implementing many of the interpersonal and communication skills I developed while also requiring me to learn about the fundamentals of the science and technology behind an exciting industry that is completely new to me. Though I still have a healthy appreciation for all that I do not know, I find the STEM aspects of this job truly fascinating. During my training, I was amazed learning about Acertara’s patented devices, like the Aureon and Atlas, how they worked, and the nuts and bolts of how they function in the larger medical industry. Though there were many times I felt myself only able to nod in amazement at all the new information coming at me, I felt genuine triumph those times I was able to make a connection that helped me better grasp the information. For instance, during a presentation on ultrasound, it clicked that ultrasound imaging is not dissimilar from photography and that helped me understand better how ultrasound waves function, a connection made possible by the one photography class I took in college.

Day by day, through tours of the facilities and meeting with all the helpful and insightful members of the team for various departments, I began to piece together Acertara and what a uniquely ingenious operation it really is. This first month has certainly been a ride and I look forward to continually learning and growing here.  

February 8, 2021 Newsletter