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Sometimes when we get a probe in for repair, we encounter multiple issues with the probe such as a cracked case with a delaminated lens, and seamline separation. We know these issues likely did not occur at the same time; we often will ask the customer why they did not send it in earlier for repair. Probecrastination. Many times, the end user will couch the reason(s) in more eloquent or oblique terms, but it ends up being Probecrastination.

We are all guilty of using an important (albeit injured device or tool) longer than we should have when it needed repair. Shout out to duct tape! We are often too busy with our daily tasks to take the time of having the device repaired; we cannot be without it, even for a day. Ultrasound probes fall into that category. Ultrasound sonographers are busy every day, they can feel stressed just calling down to the hospital basement where the HTM repair shop is located to let them know there is a probe issue.

So, they sometimes wait until the probe just completely gives out before acting. Probecrastination. That is one reason why we offer loaner probes to our customers: they get a probe in their hands the next day so that theirs can be repaired with minimal downtime. One of the problems with probecrastination is that the repair cost can often be much more than it would have been if it had been sent in earlier. Don’t be a probecrastinator! If you see that your probe has an injury, act right away- We’ll send you a loaner.


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July 19, 2023 Newsletter