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Buggy Whips and AI

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Wayne Moore


Among many questions that people are beginning to ask concerning the development and adaptation of artificial intelligence there is a predominant recurring question: “what impact the development of artificial intelligence will have over the next few years with regard to eliminating jobs.” As with all disruptive technological advances there will be jobs destroyed and jobs created. For example, with the invention of the horseless carriage the volume of buggy whips sold per year dropped rather precipitously. Not only the buggy whip but the entire supply chain for the manufacture of carriages and all related products and services. During this time there developed a need for workers to both make the new-fangled automobile, and to service it, which led to the creation of a whole new supply chain for both. This is also true for coal miners switching jobs to solar panel makers. The catch is that the workers who were making buggy whips could not simply change jobs and become an auto mechanic. What was needed to facilitate the change from horses to cars was training, a lot of training – and time. AI will replace jobs, and this time around it will also impact very highly educated (and compensated) individuals in the medical field such as radiologists, sonographers, and other allied health care professionals. These are uncharted waters.


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June 29, 2023 Newsletter